Trusted Buyer for 34 Years in WV
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How we buy
We are low pressure, friendly, responsive, and professional.

We use a very simple and easy to follow process for buying your home - the steps are listed below:
  1. You notify us about your property via the contact us link
  2. We will schedule a walk through of the home and make you an offer
    • If you like, we will consider renting back to you (so you don't have to relocate)
  3. We provide you with the purchase agreement contract
  4. We will schedule a date for closing that meets your needs
  5. Finally, at closing we promptly pay you cash in full for the exchange of ownership of the property
We have a streamlined process that gets you cash in as little as one to two weeks.  We improve your 'bottom line', just read "How you save" and do the math for yourself to understand the guaranteed value to you.

You can take pride in knowing that we care about the quality of our properties and our communities – you can see this by visiting our sister website and taking a closer look at our properties: www.MJMRentals.com.  We promote quality by ensuring that all of our properties are well maintained, all are certified safe and compliant to required city building and safety codes, and we work hard to ensure that residents living next door to our properties are not experiencing any nuisances or disturbances as a result of our business activities – we do this by inviting next door neighbors to have an open dialog with us should they have any issues.  Listen to what some of our past clients have to say in their testimonials.

If you have any questions, click here to contact us.
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