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How you save
If you cannot afford the extra time and risks associated with traditional approaches to home selling, then listen to how you can benefit:
  • You avoid having your deal fall through at the last minute because the buyer could not qualify for a loan
  • You avoid paying for last minute fixes that often result from deficiencies identified in home inspections and pest inspections – both of which are required when you involve conventional lenders and real estate agents
  • You avoid paying for utilities, taxes, insurance, and upkeep during the unpredictable period of time your house sits on the market waiting to be sold
  • You avoid paying costly real estate agent commission fees
  • You avoid spending your precious time dealing with annoying negotiating tactics that are all too common by many buyers
  • You avoid the risk of being sued by the home buyer over disclosures or related “down the road” issues with the home after it has transferred ownership from you to the buyer

Click the following link, to learn more about the process we follow for "How we buy".

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